The development of the Interpretation plan has begun

Currently, a research is underway, and a list of necessary items from the holdings of the Koprivnica Town Museum is being made, as well as a list of technical and museum equipment. Furthermore, work on a project task for the development of the interpretation plan with highlighted needs and important details has also begun.

Interpretive planning will be crucial for the presentation of Koprivnica's cultural heritage through a new and permanent exhibition in the basement of the Koprivnica Town Museum. In order to present the objects from the Museum's holdings as clearly as possible and to help each visitor understand the local, national and European identity, a research called the Interpretation plan will be made. This document will be written with the help of Muze d.o.o., a company for consulting and management in culture and tourism which deals with intellectual heritage interpretation services with the emphasis on accessibility, blending of the popular and the informative, and blending of the traditional and the contemporary.

The results of the Interpretation plan will contribute to the development and improvement of life quality of Koprivnica's citizens and all visitors.

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