Wine folklore as a historical identity of Podravina and Pomurje

Project reVITAlize focuses on the research and revitalization of wine folklore, as well as on branding and promotion of a cross-border region which has the potential to become a sustainable high-quality brand within the wine folklore scene.

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Reconstruction and equipping of a part of the museum in Koprivnica

Construction and equipping of an eco-house in Tótszentmárton

Reconstruction and Construction

This project will also enable the energy efficiency renovation of one floor of the Koprivnica Town Museum and the construction of an eco-house in Tótszentmárton. Part of the funds will be invested in the development of the new exhibition concept, equipment needed to set it up, and a permanent exhibition which will present wine folklore through cultural heritage focused on the topics of sacredness and viticulture.

The museum and the traditional eco-house in Tótszentmárton will become reference points for the promotion of wine folklore and oenology in Croatia and Hungary showing all the traditional and contemporary qualities.

Numerous exhibitions, lectures, professional conferences, promotions and public speeches will be organized, and a new scenic route will be designed, which the visitors will be able to follow using a map or a smartphone application that uses beacon technology.


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