PLEMENKA presented - new sacral and wine themed route through Podravina

On 20 November 2021, a new cultural and tourist program, which is individual and lets each visitor attend it at the time of their preference, was presented in Podravina. The program is about Plemenka, a sacral and wine themed route through Podravina which includes a virtual guide, i.e., an application for smartphones, and a tourist guide spreading over 200 pages. The guide presents the cultural phenomena (tangible and intangible), nature, heritage, wine culture and offer, as well as a selection of museums, galleries, events and accommodations in this area.

The design, installation, calibration, implementation and maintenance of the application system of the mentioned new cultural-tourist route was designed and realized in cooperation with the company Bracha d.o.o. that, specifically for this occasion, developed the application QtouR which is now available on iOS and Android devices and can be download for free on Google Play store. The application can also be launched with the help of a beacon - a device which, when you approach it, offers virtual guidance through this free mobile application. Furthermore, the mentioned application provides users with a modern, multimedia and authentic experience at numerous locations. Using the latest technology, this guide invites you to start interactions and explorations, allows you to connect and share experiences, automatically discovers nearby content, information on demand, and referrals, as well as navigates you to a desired location. For this purpose, the application would need to use GPS, WiFi, mobile location, and all the features provided by Google maps - highlighted location markers with short descriptions and photos, navigation with the choice of the means of transport, tracking, calculations and adjustments of the user's route in real time.

Plemenka also includes a guide prepared and printed in cooperation with Bogadigrafika. This guide presents a luxury pocket edition of the collected content and places on the sacral and wine themed route through Podravina. It also includes a map of the area which contains more than 60 marked places for visiting and, therefore, offers a multi-day program for every domestic visitor or tourist. The application and the guide are bilingual and all the content can be viewed and searched in Croatian and English.

The presentation of the route began with a gathering in the center of Koprivnica where the participants took a bus to the Kostanjevec Winery in Lukovac. There, the purpose and the idea behind the application and its basic features were presented during wine tasting. The program continued with a trip to Starigrad where ​​the application was presented in more detail at the Pomona Winery, with the mentioning of numerous attractions and places to explore. Then, the guest moved on to Jabučet where the presentation of the Guide was held at the Coner Winery. Also, an unavoidable point of the route was the Matočec Winery in Mičetinec, with the presentation ending at Veseli Breg in the Šipek Winery. It is also worth mentioning that you will be able to get the guide, free of charge, at the tourist boards, wineries and centers/municipalities included in the route.

The program was implemented with European Union funds within the project "Wine folklore as a historical identity of Podravina and Pomurje" (reVITAlize) within the INTERREG V-A cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020.

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