Contract signed to start renovation of the Museum

As part of the reVITAlize project, a contract was signed on 15 February 2021 in the Mijo Kovačić Gallery. The contract includes the works on the moisture removal and the reconstruction of the basement of the Koprivnica Town Museum. The value of the planned works is HRK 1,831,176.00.

Based on the conducted public procurement procedure, the company coARt d.o.o. from Koprivnica was selected as the contractor. The contract was signed my mayor Mišel Jakšić on behalf of the Town of Koprivnica and by the director Mirko Patrčević on behalf of the coARt. As the contract stipulates it, the renovation of the facility is to be carried out in two phases. The first phase consists of construction works outside of the facility. These imply the construction of the drainage system and the pertaining installations, while the second phase refers to interior works, more specifically to the interior decoration of the basement area whereby this area will be fitted for its final function.

As part of the project, a permanent museum exhibition on the topics of sacredness and viticulture will be set up in the basement, and equipment will be procured which will most adequately fulfil the needs of a modern museum exhibition in order to develop an attractive tourist offer.

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