From grape harvesting to grape must (and wine) at “Motifs of Podravina”

Wine-growing has been around since Roman times and has a long tradition in Podravina - one of the wine-growing areas of continental Croatia. Grapevines of various varieties are grown here, the most popular of which are Welschriesling (Graševina), Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot, Sauvignon, Silvanac and Frankovka. There are also autochtonous varieties whose potential is being recognized by an increasing number of winegrowers and winemakers.

Autumn brings another edition of the famous tourist event “Motifs of Podravina” with numerous programs gathered around a common theme – grape must and chestnuts. During the event, the Koprivnica Town Museum will demonstrate the traditional grape harvesting in a modern urban environment and also present to the visitors that which makes vineyards an important part of this area – nature, culture, and traditional values.

The three-day presentation of wine-making will be held at several micro-locations, all starting on Friday, 1 October 2021, with grape harvesting of the traditional grape variety Tudum (Direktor). On the same day, the exhibition “Amphorae for the transportation of wine from Sabolić's donation” will be presented at the Koprivnica Gallery. The program will continue on 2 and 3 October 2021 on Zrinski Square where, starting at 4 pm, the interactive workshops will show and explain all stages of wine-making process and tell stories about the vineyard houses, cellars, tools and equipment needed for grape harvesting and wine-making, as well as about the food, music and dance associated with such events. Furthermore, during the weekend, a conversation about wine will take place on Koprivnica's Zrinski Square and an exhibition (presentation) of wines from Croatia and Hungary with at least 20 participants will be held. With free admission, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the wine-growing culture and tradition, precisely at the time when the wider Podravina area is bringing to a close this year's grape harvesting.

The entire program is organized within the EU project “Wine folklore as a historical identity of Podravina and Pomurje” (reVITAlize) within the INTERREG V-A cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020. The project is focused on studying and revitalizing wine folklore, as well as on branding and promoting a cross-border region which has the potential to become a sustainable high-quality brand within the wine folklore scene.

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