The Exhibition of Naïve Folk Piety Opens

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition of Naïve Folk Piety as part of the EU project Wine Folklore as a Historical Identity of Podravina and Pomurje (reVITAlize) on 20 August 2021 (Friday) from 7 pm in the Koprivnica Gallery (Zrinski trg 9).

The field of influence of folk piety is extremely wide and ranges from intimate personal space to public spaces; from individual engagement to group rituals. Given that naïve art has been inextricably linked with the recording of various segments of everyday (rural) life from the beginning, one of the most important motifs of naïve paintings and sculptures are associated with representations (segments) of folk piety through the presented works of Josip Horvat - Ždalski, Dragica Belković and Mate Generalić.

The crucifix as a common symbol of folk piety is also present in the public domain, in chapels or crossroads in order to protect the religious passers-by with its presence or to give them the possibility of saying a short prayer. Relief, tranquility and security are most easily achieved by holding your hands in prayer for protection and security. Prayer as the basis, primordial principle and foundation of every belief is a common motif of naïve artists and points to the importance that piety has for the spiritual health and survival.

The exhibition was funded by the EU funds, the project "Wine folklore as a historical identity of Podravina and Pomurje" under the acronym reVITAlize within the INTERREG V-A cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020, and remains open until 20 September 2021

The opening will be held in accordance with epidemiological measures.

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